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Hwahwe36 designs its games to be a fun form of entertainment. We encourage players to "play responsibly." However, some players may have difficulty knowing when to stop. For some, gambling of any kind can become a problem.

Compulsive gambling is a disease, and it's often a hidden one. But it doesn't affect only the victim. When you consider the fact that most victims have family, friends and co-workers, the number of real victims of compulsive gambling can skyrocket.

It's only a game...so remember to Play Responsibly. If you play the Game, here are some things to keep in mind:
Money needed for daily expenses should not be used for playing the Game.
Set a limit. Don't chase your losses and risk getting deeper into a hole.
Set some winnings aside for other purposes.
Winning and losing are both part of playing the Game and other Game activities.
If you're only prepared to win, you're not prepared to play the Game.
Playing the Game is a recreational activity and not an alternative to work.

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